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486Palestine in twenty century (in arabic only)32000 
495Palestine in Figures 1999 (in English only)22000 
511Palestine in Figures 1999 (in Arabic only)101999 
579Statistical Year Book- Jerusalem No.(01)121999 
648Statistical Year Book- Jerusalem No.(02)112000 
678Palestine - 1999 Statistical Abstract of Palestine No "1"112000 
709Statistical Year Book- Jerusalem No.(03)62001 
731Statistical Abstract of Palestine No "2"112001 
789Statistical Year Book- Jerusalem No.(04)62001 
791Palestine in Figures 2001 (in Arabic only)42002 
792Palestine in Figures 2001 (in English only)42002 
1766Statistical Year Book- Jerusalem No.(13)62011 
1777Qalqiliya Governorate Statistical Yearbook - No-382011 
1778Salfit Governorate Statistical Yearbook - No.382011 
1780Nablus Governorate Statistical Yearbook - No-382011 
1790Ramallh & Al-Bireh Governorate Statistical Yearbook - No-3102011 
1792Jericho & Al Aghwar Governorate Statistical Yearbook - No-3102011 
1799Hebron Governorate Statistical Yearbook - No-3112011 
1800Bethlehem Governorate Statistical Yearbook - No-3112011 
1814Statistical Abstract of Palestine No-"12"122011 
1854Palestine in Figures 2011 (in Arabic only)32012 
1855Palestine in Figures 2011 (in English only)32012 
1869West Bank Northern Governorates Statistical Yearbook, 201142012 
1886West Bank Central Governorates Statistical Yearbook, 201152012 
1891Statistical Year Book- Jerusalem No.(14)62012 
1900West Bank Southern Governorates Statistical Year Book, 201172012 
1919Gaza Strip Governorates Statistical Yearbook, 201192012 
1949Palestine Statistical Yearbook 2012122012 
1966Palestine in Figures 2012 (in Arabic only)32013 
1967Palestine in Figures 2012 (in English only)32013