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320Industrial Environmental Survey 1998: Main Findings121998 
322Household Environmental Survey 1998: Main Findings121998 
646Household Environmental Survey 1999: Main Findings.92000 
658Medical Environmental Survey 2000: Main Findings.122000 
721Environment Statistics in Palestine 1999.92001 
734National Report of Solid Waste in the Palestinian Territory, 2000122001 
746Dumping Sites Survey in the Palestinian Territory, 2001 Main Findings22002 
748Environmental Survey for Health Care Centers 2001, Main Findings12002 
771Environmental Survey for Health Care Centers in Private Sector 2001: Main Findings32002 
772Environmental Economic Survey 2001, Main Findings42002 
1762Environment and Sustainable Development in the Palestinian Territory 2010: Current Status, Obstacles and Challenges - Arabic Only12011 
1791Environmental Economic Survey, 2011 Main Findings102011 
1813Household Environmental Survey 2011 Main Findings122011 
1914Environmental Survey for Education Sector, 2012 - Main Findings92012 
1916Green House Gas Emissions 2010 (Methodological Report)92012 
1935 Environmental Survey for Health Care Centers (Governmental and Non-Governmental), 2012 Main Findings112012 
1977Environment and Sustainable Development in Palestine 2012 - Arabic Only52013 
1984Emissions to Air, 2011 62013 
2010Environmental Economic Survey, 2013 - Main Findings102013 
2013Governmental Environmental Expenditures (2011, 2012) - Main Findings102013 
2017Household Environmental Survey, 2013 - Main Findings112013 
2079Environmental Survey for Health Facilities (Governmental and Non-Governmental ), 2014 - Main Finding112014 
2085Educational Environment Survey, 2014 - Main Findings112014 
1016Household Environmental Survey 2003: Main Findings.112003 
1017Environmental Economic Survey 2003, Main Findings112003 
1030Environmental Survey for Health Care Centers 2003, Main Findings122003 
1068Household Environmental Survey 2004: Main Findings.62004 
1092Environmental Economic Survey 2004, Main Findings92004 
1115Emission Calculations Methodological Report122004 
1125Environmental Survey for Health Care Centers 2004, Main Findings122004