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PCBS | Reported Crimes Against Morality in Palestine by Type of Criminal Offense and Governorate, 2020

Reported Crimes Against Morality in Palestine by Type of Criminal Offense and Governorate, 2020
Publish Date:26-12-2021
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GovernorateRapeAttempted RapeAdulterySexual harassmentObscene ActDrunkenness\ Riots in Public PlaceCursing and Humiliation\ and InsultOthersTotal
Tubas & Northern Valleys01021140146
Ramallah & Al- Bireh212314122468268790
Jericho & Al-Aghwar07138112335
Gaza North21610001517691605
Deir Al- Balah0151100685262964
Khan Yunis00310014861821672

Note: Data excluded Gaza Strip and those parts of Jerusalem which were annexed by Israeli Occupation in 1967.
Immoral Offenses: Violation of honor and ethical deterioration, including any ethical abuse, sexual abnormality or violation of a duty against another or the society in general. Moreover, moral offenses involve behavior contrary to justice, honesty or manner as well as any act violating proper conduct, e.g. unjust / unfair practices and misuse.
Rape: A dissolute act involving compulsory sexual intercourse with a female aged ten years or more. Rape applies also to a dissolute act involving compulsory or voluntarily sexual intercourse with a female aged less than ten years. Silence or acceptance of the victim, coupled with deceit and fraud from the offender’s side, or threatening of the raped shall not be considered a pretext for the rape. Such act shall not be considered rape if associated with acceptance of the woman or when here acceptance involves some hesitation undermined by minor use of force. It is not considered rape if the woman’s refusal is verbal only.
Harassment: Is a provocation to a person, or is all that inflame the feelings of another person and raise his temper and pushed him to violence, and there are two types of provocation, aprovocation mastermind who gives the recipe for recipe for this premeditated act, and provocation is a mastermind who lose prescription manslaughter."
Source: Directorate General of the Palestinian Police