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PCBS | Detailed Indicators of ForeignTrade in Palestine* 2019-2020

Detailed Indicators of ForeignTrade in Palestine* 2019-2020
Publish Date:28-10-2021
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Total?Exports in Goods1103.81054.6
Total Imports in Goods6613.56063.4
Net Trade Balance in Goods-5509.6-5008.8
Total?Exports From West Bank*1092.71040.5
Total?Exports From Gaza Strip11.114.1
Total Imports From Israel3636.23342.7
Total Exports to Israel897.6886.1
Total Exports of Services to Israel202.9205.1
Total Imports of Services From Israel213.9180.0
Net Trade Balance in Services-11.025.1

Source: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics 2021. Foreign Trade Statistics. Ramallah ـ Palestine.
Definition (Exports): It refers to whole commodities that are exported or re-exported outside the country, conditioned with ownership transcription to another economy or to free customs regions as a discount from the national economy.
Definition (Imports):It refers to whole commodities entering the country by air, land and sea that are used in consumption, for conversion in the manufacturing sector and for re-exportation.
Definition (Net Trade Balance): The difference between total exports and total imports.
(*): Data excluded those parts of Jerusalem which were annexed by Israeli Occupation in 1967.