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PCBS | General Government Finance in Palestine1 for the year 2020

General Government Finance in Palestine1 for the year 2020
Publish Date:11-08-2021
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IndicatorValue in million USD Percentage Distribution for both Revenues and Gross Expenses
General Government 2Central GovernmentLocal Government 3Consol-idation Column General Government Central GovernmentLocal Government
 1. Total Revenues 34444.64039.1406.3-0.8100100100
1.1 Taxes 33316.13238.677.574.680.219.1
1.2 Social contributions
1.3 Grants and aids 524.1510.414.5-0.811.812.63.6
1.4 Other revenues 4600.1290.1310.
Gross Expenses (2+3.1) 55064.44674.6390.6-0.8100100100
2. Current Expenses4894.44540.7354.5-0.8
2.1 Compensation of employees 2380.82280.6100.247.048.825.7
2.2 Use of goods and services 989.6798.7190.919.517.148.9
2.3 Consumption of fixed capital9.
2.4 Interest 122.2122.
2.5 Subsidies15.715.50.2-
2.6 Grants6.
2.7 Social benefits1279.81272.17.725.327.22.0
2.8 Other Expenses 90.046.743.
(N.O) Net Operating Balance (1-2) 6-449.8-501.651.8
3.1 Transactions in nonfinancial assets (Net acquisition of):170.0133.936.
3.1.1 Fixed assets 150.6116.833.8
3.1.2 Change in inventories 16.414.42.0
3.1.3 Valuables0.00.00.0
3.1.4 Non-produced assets3.02.70.3
(N.L) Net lending (+) / Borrowing (-) (N.O - 3.1) 8-619.8-635.515.7
3.2 Net acquisition of financial assets352.8303.749.1
3.2.1 Domestic327.8278.749.1
3.2.2 Foreign25.025.00.0
3.3 Net incurrence of financial Liabilities963.3939.024.3
3.3.1 Domestic877.4853.124.3
3.3.2 Foreign 85.985.90.0

1 The Data excludes Gaza Strip and those parts of Jerusalem which were annexed by Israel in 1967.
2 General government = central government + local government+ consolidation column which represents inter transfers between the central government and the local government
3 local government: include the data of municipalities, villages councils and projects committees
4 Local Government includes taxes and fees
5 It includes any fees collected for the resale of electricity and water, administrative fees, fines, property income and voluntray transfers, other than grants.
6 Gross Expenses = Current Expenses + Net acquisition of non-financial assets (Capital Expenses).
7 It includes scholarships and any educational benefits, NGOs support and any emergency expenses for the central government,
Insurance and maintenance of vehicles in addition to workers allowance
8 Net operating balance = Revenues – Current expenses
9 lending/borrowing = Net operating balance - Net acquisition of non-financial assets

Definition: Total Revenues is Indicator measures the transactions carried out by a unit of general government and leads to increase in the net value
Source:Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics