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PCBS | Financial Account 2019

Financial Account 2019
(Value in million USD)
Publish Date:21-01-2021
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ItemInflows (Decrease in assets)Outflows (Increase in assets)NetFlows
Total Change in Assets 4631.13815.2815.9
Change in Foreign Direct Investment Abroad59.93.456.5
Of Which Equity Capital59.90.059.9
Change in Foreign Portfolio Investment140.3152.8-12.5
Of Which Debt Securities132.2149.5-17.3
Change in Foreign Other Investment4354.53462.1892.4
Of Which Loans lended34.914.320.6
Of Which Currency and deposits*4291.53445.3846.2
Change in Reserve Assets (- = Increase/ + = decrease)**76.4196.9-120.5
ItemInflows (Increase in liabilities)Outflows (Decrease in liabilities)NetFlows
Total Change in Liabilities 857.3266.7590.6
Change in Direct Investment in Palestinian Territory202.971.0131.9
Of Which Equity Capital115.671.044.6
Change in Foreign Portfolio Investment60.083.0-23.0
Of Which Equity Securities60.083.0-23.0
Change in Foreign Other Investment594.4112.7481.7
Of Which Loans Borrowed190.83.8187.0
Of Which Currency and deposits ***397.5108.9288.6
Financial account ****5488.44081.91406.5

* Currency and deposits: Including the Cash in Foreign Currency in the Banks and the Deposits of Palestinian Institutions Deposited Abroad
** Change in Reserve Assets Includes the Change in the Stock Value of the Foreign Eexchange That PMA Keep as Reserves for Balance of Payments Puposes
*** Currency And Deposits : Includes the Deposits of Non-residents Deposited in Local Banks
**** Financial Account: Net Flows of Change in Assets and Liabilities. Also it Equals the Difference Between Total of Inflows and Total of Outflows for Both Assets and L iabilities.
- The negative sign in The value of NetFlows means increasing in assets and decreasing in liabilites. Meanwhile The positive sign means decreasing in assets and increasing in liabilities.
-It could be noticed a little differences when comparing with data of financial account in table 1 according to integers