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PCBS | Balance of Payments In Palestine* for the Years 2019

Balance of Payments In Palestine* for the Years 2019
(Value in million USD)
Publish Date:21-01-2021
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Current account (net)-1779.9
Goods (net)-5509.6
Exports (fob)1747.9
Imports (fob)7257.5
Services (net)-992.8
Income (net)3030.9
Receipts 3211.9
Compensation of employees2970.3
Of which from Israel2945.8
Investment income 241.6
Current transfers (net)1691.6
Inflows 2265.5
To the government sector628.2
of which from Donors transfers398.6
To the other sectors1637.3
of which from Donors transfers170.8
Capital and financial account (net)**1690.9
Capital account (net)284.4
Capital transfers (net)284.4
To the government sector14.9
of which from Donors transfers14.9
To the other sectors269.5
Acquisition / disposal of non-Produced non-financial assets non-financial assets (net)0.0
Financial account (net)**1406.5
Foreign Direct investment (net)188.4
Change in investment abroad (net)56.5
Change in investment in Palestine (net)131.9
Foreign Portfolio investment (net)-35.5
Change in Assets (net)-12.5
Change in Liabilities (net)-23.0
Foreign Other investment (net)1374.1
Change in Assets (net)892.4
Of which Loans to nonresidents20.6
Of which Currency and deposits***846.2
Change in Liabilities (net)481.7
Of which Loans nonresidents187.0
Of which Currency and deposits288.6
Net errors and omissions****89.0
Overall balance120.5
Financing -120.5
Exceptional financing0.0
Change in Reserve assets (- = Increase/+= decrease)-120.5

*The data excludes those parts of Jerusalem which were annexed by Israel occupation in 1967.
** Includes Reserve Assets.
*** Currency and deposits: Including the cash of foreign currency in the banks and the deposits of the Palestinian institutions deposited abroad.
**** Currency and deposits : Includes the deposits of non-residents deposited in Local banks.
***** Errors and omissions (net): Includes the different between current account (net) one hand, and capital and financial account (net) on the other hand.
• PCPS and PMA have revised and updated the current account of balance of payments time series data for the period 2013-2017, based on the national accounts updates for the same period, to ensure consistency between the balance of payments and the national accounts data.
The data of Financial account will be updated according to the recomdations of IMF technical mission due to this topic.