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PCBS | Public Prosecution staff in Palestine by Current Workplace and Sex, 2022

Public Prosecution staff in Palestine by Current Workplace and Sex, 2022
Publish Date:05-09-2023
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Current WorkplaceMaleFemaleTotal
Attorney General's Office134
Attorney General Bureau156
Deputy Attorney General's Office213
Technical office167
Human Rights Unit101
Cassation Prosecution101
Government Cases Prosecution404
Supreme Court Prosecution011
Appeals Prosecution123
Anti-Economic Crimes Prosecution538
Enforcement of Penal Decisions Department011
Anti-Cybercrimes Prosecution134
Planning and Policy General Directorate156
Anti-Traffic Crimes Prosecution101
Juvenile Prosecution123
Financial and Administrative Affairs Department10717
Information Technology Directorate718
Gender Unit011
Family Protection Prosecution011
Judicial Inspection and Technical Suport Department123
Media Office & International & General Relations112
International Crimes & International Judicial Cooperation Prosecution112
Local Authorities Prosecution101
Administrative and Financial Control101
Administrative and Financial Control Unit101
Corruption Crimes Prosecution055
Total staff of the Attorney General's Office445296
Jericho Prosecution3710
Hebron Prosecution71017
Bethlehem Prosecution31013
Jenin Prosecution9918
Halhoul Prosecution336
Dora Prosecution628
Ramallah Prosecution101222
Salfit Prosecution448
Tubas Prosecution459
Tulkarm Prosecution10515
Qalqilya Prosecution5510
Nablus Prosecution101323
Yatta Prosecution325
Total Number of staff in District Prosecution Offices7787164

Note: Data excluded Gaza Strip and those parts of Jerusalem which were annexed by Israeli Occupation in 1967
Data Source: Public Prosecution