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About the PEIS


Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics started the preparation for establishing the Palestinian Environmental Information System in cooperation with the European Environment Agency.  The preparations started with counting and classifying the environmental indicators into 6 groups; water and wastewater, solid waste, land use, energy, climate and air quality.

Number of environmental information systems were explored to have an idea about the contents and the structure of such information systems; of the systems that explored are: Botswana environment information system, shred environment information system (SEIS), DevInfo census database (Census info),  and the national statistical monitoring system.

Goals and Vision


This system aims at providing an updated detailed and comprehensive database on environmental targeted topics based on coordination, cooperation and open dialogue with line ministries and other national partners to meet their needs and priorities in regard to statistical data flow and deriving indicators that enables monitoring progress made in national strategic plans.



  • Providing environmental data for all users inside and outside PCBS
  • Encourage line ministries to feed the system with relative data