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PCBS | PCBS: On the Eve of the International Day of Refugees (20/06/2013).

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics  (PCBS)


On the Eve of the International Day of  Refugees  (20/06/2013).


On the eve of the International Day of  Refugees, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) released a statistical review on the current status of  Palestinian Refugees.   The main findings are summarized as follows:

-          According to UNRWA  records, the Palestinian registered refugees are  totaled to

5.3 million at 1/1/2013, of whom 40% in Jordan, 24% in Gaza Strip, 17% in the West Bank, 10% in Syria and 9% in Lebanon.

-          The Data 2012 showed that the percentage of Palestinian refugees in Palestine was 42.1% of the total population,  about 27% of the total population of West Bank were refugees, compared to about 67% in Gaza Strip.

-          The Refugees in Palestine are characterized as young  population, 41% of them are under the age of  15 years compared to 39.7% for non-refugees.  On the other hand, 4.2 % of  refugees aged 60 years and over, compared to 4.6% for the non- refugees in Palestine  for the year of 2012.

-          Total fertility rate for refugees in Palestine was 4.4 births  per woman in the period (2008-2009).

-          Percentage of poor households in refugee camps in Palestine  is 31.2% in 2011.

-          Unemployment rate of Palestinian refugees among those of 15 years and over  in Palestine in 2012 was 27.9% compared to 19.8% for non refugees.

-          Illiteracy  rate  among Palestinian refugees of 15 years and over  in Palestine in 2012  was  3.7%,  compared to 4.3% for non - refugees.

-          Percentage of refugee households that own their housing units in Palestine in 2010  was 86%.

-          Percentage of refugee households that own  private cars in Palestine in 2010 was 15.9% compared to 25.6% for non - refugees.