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PCBS | Ms. Awad, declare the publishing the Statistical Yearbook of Palestine 2016

Ms. Ola Awad, President of Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics "PCBS" declare  the publishing the  Statistical Yearbook of Palestine 2016


The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) has issued the Seventeen Statistical Yearbook of  Palestine 2016, which is considered a comprehensive statistical reference covering the up-to-date indicators for all population, social, economic and geographical.


Ms. Ola Awad, President of the (PCBS) announced that  since its inception, PCBS has sought to build an official database of statistics based on local needs and in accordance with standards that guarantee full membership in the international statistical community, and to provide continuous time series data that make it possible to study general trends in different fields, by relying on primary data sources, including censuses and surveys. PCBS also sought to driving statistics using secondary data sources, the administrative records of  public and private sector.


Ms. Awad ensured, that this book is One of the most important comprehensive statistical references which provides official statistics on various aspects of life in Palestine, along with available statistics on Palestinians throughout the world. The Yearbook presents the Palestinian demographic, social, economic and geographical reality in three chapters in addition to a fourth chapter on concepts and definitions.


The first chapter of the Statistical Yearbook discusses the conditions of Palestinians in Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip),  that are still under Israeli military occupation and covers social, economic, health, educational, and cultural conditions, in addition to other aspects.  The second chapter discusses the conditions of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory in 1948, who live under full Israeli administration and jurisdiction. The third chapter addresses the most prominent characteristics of Palestinians in the Diaspora, particularly in countries that host Palestinian refugees: Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Finally,  the fourth chapter  which describes the main concepts and definitions used in this Yearbook.


Ms. Awad confirmed, that the Statistical Yearbook will bridge gaps in information and serve as a major basic reference for official statistics on Palestine. And should enhance development and assist decision makers in formulating decisions and plans based on evidence-based data provided in a professional methods.




For further information on the Seventeen Statistical Yearbook of  Palestine 2016, please click the below link: