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PCBS | PCBS: The Industrial Production Index, May, 05/2016

  Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)

Decrease in the Industrial Production in Palestine during May, 05/2016


Increase in the Industrial Production Index in Palestine during May 2016

The overall Quantity of Industrial Production Index (IPI) in Palestine reached 107.94 during May 2016 with an increase of 6.09% compared to the previous month (Base Month December 2015 = 100).

Quantity of Industrial Production Index for May 2016 increased due to the increase in the activity of  Water Supply, Sewerage, Waste Management and Remediation Activities by 23.93% which had a share of 0.78% of the total industry, the activity of Mining and Quarrying  by 20.84% which had a share of 4.06% of the total industry, and the activity of Manufacturing Industry increased by 7.05% which had a share of 83.19% of the total industry, while the activity of Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air Conditioning Supply decreased by 14.73% which had a share of 11.98% of the total industry.


The Industrial Production Index in Palestine, for the period:

May 2015 - May 2016 (Base Month December 2015=100)




·         Since the beginning of 2016, PCBS updated the base month for the Quantity of Industrial Production to be December 2015 instead of 2011, as well as started using International Standard of Industrial Classification for all Economic Activates (Revision Four) instead of Revision Three.


·         Relative share for the main industrial activities represents the percentage distribution of value added (VA) for the industrial activities in 2013.