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PCBS | PCBS& The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology issue a joint press release on the International Day for Information Society 17/05

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) and the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology issue a joint press release on the International Day for  Information Society  17th of May.


The world celebrates the International Day for Information Society this year under the theme of "ICTs; Drivers of Innovation”.  The main purpose of the information society knowledge and fair access to information. Information is a key pillar for the Palestinian economy as it connects it to the global economy and helps overcoming the restrictions imposed by Israeli military occupation.

Telecommunications  in Palestine

The total number of Internet companies operating and registered in the Ministry of Telecommunications for the year  2015 were 56 companies distributed as follows; 40 Companies wireless connection to the Internet (WIFI), and 6 companies for connections to the IP telephony (VOIP), and 10 companies for Broad Band Internet connection, concerning the number of  companies for import of communications equipment have reached 40 companies for 2015. 

The number of fix telephone lines in Palestine exceeded 403.1 thousands in 2014,  while  the number of mobile phone subscribers  reached 3.1 millions. The number of ADSL subscribers reached more than 235 thousands in the year 2014. Currently, the number of computers in Palestinian households was estimated at 1.1 million computer (Desktops, laptop and Tablet).

More than Half of Palestinian Households Own a Smart Phone

The percentage of households in Palestine that Own a Smart Phone reached 51.0% in 2014, (59.4% in the West Bank and 34.7% in  Gaza Strip).  While the percentage of households in Palestine which have computer reached to 63.1% in the year 2014, 66.9% for the West Bank and for Gaza Strip 55.6%, compared to merely one-third 32.8% for Palestinian households owning computer in 2006 .


Percentage of Households with Computer by Region


Narrowing Gender Gap in Use of Technology

The percentage of Internet users for both males and females increased during the year 2014 compared to 2000, the gap receded.  Where the percentage of Internet users among males increased from 7.9%  to 59.6% and the percentage of Internet users among females increased from 2.8 % to 47.5%.


Percentage of Internet Use by Sex



About Half of the Palestinian Households Have Internet Access at Home

48.3% of households in Palestine have an Internet connection in the year 2014 (compared with 30.4% in 2011) 51.4% in the West Bank and 42.2% in Gaza Strip.  While 53.7% of individuals (10 years and above) who used computer by use the Internet in Palestine: 54.5% in the West Bank and 52.2% in Gaza Strip.


Percentage Distribution of Individuals Who Using Internet by Main Purpose of   Use , 2014



Three Quarters of Individuals Use Social Media Networks

Percentage of persons (10 years and above) who use Social Media Networks reached  75.1% of Internet users in the year 2014. Regarding the purpose of the use of Social Media Network, the results indicated that 75.0% of Social Media Networks users accessed it for acquaintance, and 76.5% use it for games and entertainment, and 62.0% for making phone calls.


Purpose of Using Social Media Network, 2014


Research and Development Personnel

In 2013, there were 8,715 employees in Research & Development, representing 5,162 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers.  There were 4,533 researchers, accounting for 2,492 FTE researchers, including 3,510 male and 1,023 female researchers.  There were 566 FTE researchers per one million inhabitants.

Research and Development Outputs

The major outputs of Research and Development, in 2013 were as   follows: 149 international standard book numbers (ISBN), and nine patents.  While research by field was distributed as follows: 26.7% studies and consultations, 34.4% basic research, 30.6% applied research, and 8.3% experimental research.