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PCBS | Ola Awad Announces the Second Field Phase of the 2017 Population, Housing and Establishments Census in the State of Palestine



Ola Awad Announces the Second Field Phase of the 2017 Population, Housing and Establishments Census in the State of Palestine


Her Excellency Ms. Ola Awad, President of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics/ National Director of the Census, announced on Wednesday, 13 September 2017, the launching of the second phase of the 2017 Population, Housing and Establishments Census in the State of Palestine, which includes “listing and numbering of establishments, housing units and buildings and filling of the Buildings and Housing Units Questionnaire and the Establishment Census Questionnaire.”


Commencement of Building, Housing Units and Establishments Listing and Numbering

Ms. Awad stated that census fieldworkers will start, as of 16 September 2017 to 31 October 2017, implementation of the second phase of the census. The phase includes listing and numbering of buildings, housing units and establishments in all of the Palestinian governorates. Blue crayons will be used to mark numbers at the entrances of buildings and housing units and red crayons for the entrances of establishments. Every effort will be made to write in as small and appropriate fund as possible. Citizens were requested to keep the numbers and abstain from removing them.


Building Census Prior to Housing and Population Census

The President of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics explained that the census fieldworkers will visit all housing units, and population in the period from 16 September to 31 October to fill in the buildings and housing units questionnaire which includes: name of the building, name of the owner and data related to the building characteristics like the type of building, building material, number of floors, use of the building, ownership of the building, year of establishment of the building, number of housing units in the building, ownership and uses of such units. We appeal to tall citizen to cooperate with the census team and provide the necessary data.


Establishments Census Prior to Housing and Population Census

Ms. Awad added that the field workers will visit all establishments and businesses in the period from 16 September to 31 October 2017 to fill in the Establishments Listing Questionnaire with identification data of the establishment including: name of the location, economic data about its activity, its economic organization, legal entity, ownership, registration, capital, number of workers and year of establishments. We count on your cooperation to provide the necessary data.


Keep the Refreshing Questionnaire and Fill it in on the Date Assigned

PCBS President/ National Director of the Census also explained the census fieldworkers will, in their first visit during “the buildings and housings listing and numbering”, hand you a refreshing questionnaire with the basic data of the household members. We hope you will cooperate in filling in the questionnaire by the head of household or any other adult member to provide the necessary data after reading the instructions. We hope you will check the data filled in and keep the questionnaire to hand it to the enumerators in their visit to the household in the period from 1 to 24 December 2017.



The Census Provides Data to Inform the Developmental Planning

Ms. Awad explained that the 2017 Population, Housing and Establishments Census is the third Palestinian census to be conducted by Palestinian teams upon an independent Palestinian decision. For the first time, it will be implemented using tablets. It is the largest statistical operation implemented to provide the necessary data to formulate and implement socioeconomic development plans. The census data will be used to inform developmental plans since they provide statistical information on the demographic characteristics like fertility rates, mortality rates, immigration, labor force, unemployment, employment and economic activity, educational characteristics, number of economic establishments disaggregated by region and economic activity.


Please keep the census marks and signs.

PCBS president explained that success of the census requires that citizens preserve the marks and numbers. Any removal thereof will mean wasting efforts made by men and women working to serve our nation. The purpose of the marks and numbers is to ensure accuracy of the third Population, Housing and Establishment Census. It is our duty to abstain from messing with them or removing them since such act would be a violation of the law and will waste years of preparations.


Confidentiality of Personal Data and Verification of the Identity of Enumerators

Ms. Awad underlined that all data collected from the field will serve only statistical research purposes and that they will be published through aggregated statistical tables. PCBS is committed to preserving the confidentiality of any personal data, as prescribed by the General Statistics Law of 2000. We reiterate that all of our teams hold an ID card that is signed and with a colour picture. They shall hold this card, which also contains PCBS name, employee name, number of his/her national ID number, position, area of work. We appeal to the public to verify the identity card prior to giving out any information. It should be noted that data will be uploaded to tablets by the census team.


Completion of First Phase of the Census “Delineation of Enumeration Areas”

Ms. Ola Awad announced that the first phase of the 2017 was successfully completed as enumerators worked in the period from 15 July 2017 to 7 August 2017 to delineate the enumeration areas and place red marks on the walls of buildings, housings and establishments to ensure inclusiveness and avoid omitting any area or building. This measure also prevents overlapping and repetition of enumeration areas. This step is key in the implementation of the Population, Housing and Establishment Census. Success of the census requires consolidated efforts and cooperation to preserve the number and marks. Removal of such marks and numbers is a violation of the law and waste of years of effort.


On this occasion, PCBS President/ National Director of the Census extends deep gratitude to his Excellency, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazen, Presidnet of the State of Palestine and His Excellency, Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah, the Prime Minister. She also thanks the Palestinian government, governors, all ministries, and public, private and civil organizations, universities, municipalities, local authorities, chambers of commerce and industry, schools and the Palestinian Central Elections Committee as well as government and private media of all types, journalists and all Palestinian families and citizens for their support and help to the National Census Team.