e-Monthly Bulletin  ::: Issue No.98 ::: 30/10/2014

Press Releases

Around 26.1% of owners/ managers of active industrial enterprises believed that the overall performance of their enterprises in Palestine had improved during the third quarter 2014 compared with the second quarter 2014
The overall Producer Price Index (PPI) for  Palestine reached 105.02 in September 2014, as it increased by 0.58% compared to August 2014.
93% of Health Facilities in Palestine are Supplied with Water from the Public Water Network
The Price Indices for Construction Cost, Road Cost, Water Networks Cost, Sewage Networks Cost in the West Bank, September, 09/2014
Exports increased in August, 2014 by 30.7% compared to July, 2014, Imports increased in August 2014 by 6.3% compared to July, 2014.
The survey result show that 122,057 private, non-governmental excluding agricultural enterprises were in operation in the following economic activities in Palestine.
The overall Wholesale Price Index (WPI) in Palestine reached 122.20 in the Third quarter 2014, which indicates an increase by 0.53% compared to the Second quarter 2014.
The overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Palestine during September 2014 increased by 0.17% compared with August 2014
According to estimates, the number of projected Palestinian housing units using average head of households Hypothesis was 957,010 at the end of 2013.
The overall Quantity of Industrial Production Index (IPI) in Palestine reached 108.77 during August 2014 with an increase of 9.89% compared to the previous month
In 2013, there were 8,715 employees in Research & Development, representing 5,162 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers.
Elderly People in Palestine represent 4.4% of the total population in mid 2014.

New Publications

Performance of the Palestinian Economy, 2013.
Economic Surveys Series, 2013: Main Results.
Gaza Strip Governorates Statistical Yearbook, 2013.
Research and Development Survey, 2013 Main Results.

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