e-Monthly Bulletin  ::: Issue No.165 ::: 07/06/2020

New Publications

Characteristics of Education Among Individuals of the Palestinian Society 2007, 2017
Migration Atlas - in English only
Prices and Price Indices - Annual Bulletin, 2019
Performance of the Palestinian Economy, 2019
Sustainable Development Goals Statistical Report, 2019
Accessibility of Palestinian Housholds to Information and Communications Technology Tools (2007, 2017) - Dissemination and Analysis of Census Findings
Palestinian Labour Force Survey - Annual Report: 2019

Latest Updates of Statistical Tables

Indices - Consumer Price Index
Indices - Construction Cost Index
Indices - Road Cost Index
Indices - Water Networks Cost Index
Indices - Sewage Networks Cost Index
Indices - Producer Price Index
Indices - Industrial Production Index
Indices - Wholesale Price Index
Economic - Foreign Trade

Press Releases

25% was the unemployment rate among labour force participants in Palestine, total labour underutilization stands at 33%.
The overall Producer Price Index (PPI) for Palestine reached 95.35 in April 2020
Exports decreased in March, 2020 by 17% compared to February, 2020. It also decreased by 29% compared to March, 2019 and reached USD 66.3 Million
PCBS Launches a COVID-19 Response Data Hub
Slight Decrease in the Construction Cost Index (CCI) for Residential Buildings
4.2 Million cellular mobile subscriptions
The overall CPI for Palestine during April, 04/2020 decreased by 0.89% compared with March 2020
On the 72nd Annual Commemoration of the Palestinian NakbaThe number of Palestinians Worldwide has Doubled about Nine- Times
Sharp Decrease in the Industrial Production Index (IPI) in Palestine during March, 2020/03

Releases in June , 2020

3/6/2020 -Press Release: Industrial Production Index, 04/2020 (Time: 12:00)
4/6/2020 -Press Release: World Environment Day (Time: 10:00)
11/6/2020 -Press Release: Building Licenses, 1st Quarter 2020 (Time: 10:00)
14/6/2020 -Press Release: Consumer Price Index, 05/2020 (Time: 10:00)
21/6/2020 -Press Release: International Investment Position and External Debt Statistics, 1st Quarter 2020 (Time: 10:00)
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