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The Palestinian & The Norwegian Governments  Sign a Mutual Agreement to Support The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics   - 02-05-2018


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Latest Updates of Statistical Tables

Hotel Activity in the West Bank Annual Bulletin - 2017
Prices and Price Indices Annual Bulletin, 2017
Performance of the Palestinian Economy, 2017
Final Results - Establishments Report-Population, Housing and Establishments Census 2017
Census Final Results Summary
Main Findings of Living Standards in Palestine (Expenditure, Consumption and Poverty), 2017

Press Releases

The overall Producer Price Index (PPI) for  Palestine in April 2018, as it increased by 1.91% compared to March 2018.
Construction Cost Index (CCI), Road Cost Index (RCI), Water Networks Cost Index (WNCI) and Sewage Networks Cost Index (SNCI) in the West Bank  during April, 04/2018
Exports decreased in March, 2018 by 1.3% compared to February, 2018, Imports increased in March, 2018 by 6.8% compared to February, 2018.
The majority of households in Palestine have a mobile phone with a percentage of 96.6%  (97.2% in the West Bank and 95.7% in Gaza Strip).
The overall CPI for Palestine during April 2018 increased by 0.32% compared with March 2018
The number of Palestinians worldwide has doubled about nine-times, Israeli Occupation Controls More than 85% of the Land of Historical Palestine
The number of individuals participating in the labour force in Palestine was 1,340,200 in the 1st quarter 2018; 820,900 in the West Bank and 519,300 in Gaza Strip.
The overall IPI in Palestine reached 105.17 during March 2018 with an increase of 4.81% compared to February 2018

Releases in June , 2018

03/06/2018 - Statistical Report: Building Licenses, 1st Quarter 2018
04/06/2018 - Press Release: on the Occasion of World Environment Day
05/06/2018 - Press Release: Industrial Production Index, 4/2018
11/06/2018 - Statistical Report: Transport Survey (Outside Establishments), 2017
12/06/2018 - Statistical Report: Housing Report 2017, Final Results- Palestine
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