Policies and procedures

General Policy for Palestine's Official Statistics


The policy of Palestine's official statistics is based on the General Statistics Law for year 2000 which states in article (4): " All individuals have the right to obtain official statistics collected, processed, and disseminated by the Bureau in accordance with the adopted rules and instructions, taking into consideration the honoring of data confidentiality and individuals’ privacy.", and on the principles of Palestine's code of practice that include:


  1. Official statistics is a public good; they are the basis of the scientific knowledge necessary for the progress of governments, societies, and individuals. Official statistics are an important tool for strengthening democracy, accountability, and transparency.
  2. Official statistics are unbiased; they aim to serve all, including the government, the public sector, the civil society organizations, and individuals to assist the process of building a free and democratic society

  3. Official statistics abide by their governing principles, most importantly, the quality of the data of such statistics, the timing of their publication, which is in line with the need for them, and providing access to all, without any bias, to such statistics, and the independence of such statistics.

  4. Official statistics consider stakeholders needs, most importantly, the protection of the confidentiality of the individuals’ and agencies’ data and balancing between the user's needs and the burdens on the respondents.

  5. Official statistics are the product of continuous development that is based on integration and accumulation of experience and creativity as well as balancing between cost of producing official statistics and their feasibility.


PCBS is committed to the quality policy and objectives:

  1. To support the national statistical system

  2. To strengthen the quality culture among employees through informed and active participation in the development of the Quality Management System.
  3. To promote decision making based on facts

  4. To check, review and improve the quality of official statistics in all of its components

  5. To continuously seek optimal utilization of available human and other resources

  6. To continuously improve the performance of employees through training and capacity building

  7. To reduce the respondents burden

  8. To focus on the needs of users (individuals and organizations) at the local and international level by identifying and meeting their needs

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