Hamdallah reiterated, ‘We have full confidence in the work and integrity of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) and its President Ola Awad; we consider PCBS  a distinguished institution.


Ramallah – 25/05/2017 – H.E.  Prime Minister, Dr. Rami Hamdallah, reiterated his full confidence in the work and integrity of Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) and its President H. E. Ms. Ola Awad.  He explained that PCBS has grown into a distinguished institution and a model to be followed locally, regionally and internationally.  He added that the Palestinian government has always supported Palestinian statistical work and will continue to support it and protect its professional independence in disseminating statistics that conform with international standards. The Prime Minister expressed his views on Thursday, at PCBS premises in Ramallah, where he chaired the nineteenth meeting of the Official Statistics Advisory Council.


In his opening speech, the Prime Minister welcomed the Council members and thanked them for their keen commitment to participate in the Council’s meetings. He also extended his appreciation to PCBS, represented by its President, H. E. Ms. Ola Awad and other staff members.  He thanked the PCBS' team for their distinguished performance and efforts to provide decision and policy makers with statistical data in all areas.


Furthermore, the Prime Minister emphasized the government support with the prisoners who are undergoing a hunger strike for their human rights, their freedom  and their dignity; he commended for their release.


Dr. Hamdallah reiterated the Palestinian government support to PCBS in the implementation of  the Population, Housing and Establishment Census 2017.  He invited all institutions and the public at large to cooperate with PCBS in this project, which is important for state-building. He added that the Census will provide around 11,000 short-term job opportunities, which will mitigate unemployment, especially among youth and new graduates.



He confirmed that the Palestinian government will make all effort possible to ensure the success of this project.


The Prime Minister also mentioned that in parallel to implementing the Population, Housing and Establishments Census (PHC 2017) in Palestine, the PCBS is  implementing  the first census of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon in cooperation and partnership  with the Central Administration of Statistics of  Lebanon and under the umbrella of the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee .  The results of the census shall be used to improve the living conditions of the refugees and provide them with a dignified life until they return to their home land.