Selected Indicators in Palestine*, 2016-2017

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Indicator  2016 2017
Total current expenditure on health (Million USD) 1,330.1 1,466.7
Gross capital formation (Million USD) 22.0 26.5
Gross domestic product at current prices (Million USD) 13,425.7 14,498.1
Total population (in thousand), mid year** 4,358.7 4,454.8
Health expenditure as percentage of GDP (%)*** 10.1 10.3

* The data excludes that part of Jerusalem which was annexed forcefully by Israel following its occupation of the West Bank in 1967.
** Revised population estimates for 2016 based on the final results of population, housing and establishment census, 2017 .
*** Share of total current expenditure on health to Gross Domestic Product includes gross capital formation in health care providers.