e-Monthly Bulletin  ::: Issue No.79 ::: 03/04/2013

Releases in April, 2013

02/04/2013 - Statistical Report: Establishments Census 2012
04/04/2013 - Monthly Industrial Production Index, 2/2013
04/04/2013 - Statistical Report: Palestinian Children "Statistics and Trends" 2013
08/04/2013 - Press Release on the Occasion of International Health Day
14/04/2013 - Press Release on the Occasion of Prisoners Day
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Latest Updates of Statistical Tables

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Indices - Construction Cost Index
Indices - Road Cost Index
Indices - Water Networks Cost Index
Indices - Sewage Networks Cost Index
Indices - Producer Price Index
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New Publications

Victimization Survey 2012 - Main Findings
Palestine in Figures 2012 (in English only)
Palestine in Figures 2012 (in Arabic only)
Quality Report - Labour Force Survey, 2009 - 2011
Olive Presses Survey - 2012: Main Findings
Hotel Activities in the West Bank (Fourth Quarter 2012)

Press Releases

GDP per Capita for Palestine at constant prices was USD 1,679 for the year 2012, it increased by 2.7 percent for the year 2012 compared to the year 2011

Expansion and Annexation Wall Deprives Over 50,000 Palestinians of Residency in Jerusalem

The overall Producer Price Index (PPI) for  Palestine decreased by 0.78% compared to January 2013

The incessant deficit of the Current Account amounted to USD 658.1 million with a decrease of 2.1 percent compared to the previous quarter
Exports showed stability in January, 2013 compared to December, 2012, Imports decreased in January, 2013 by 0.8 percent compared to December, 2012.
The Price Indices for Construction Cost, Road Cost, Water Networks Cost, Sewage Networks Cost in the West Bank in February, 02/2013
The amount of rainfall ranged between  861 mm in Ramallah station and 136 mm in Jericho during 2012.
Israel controls the majority of renewable water resources totaling 750 MCM, while  Palestinians receive only about 110 MCM
The quantity of oil extracted in Palestine in 2012 rose by 10.6% compared with 2011 to 22,951 tons
The overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Palestine during February 2013 decreased by 0.47% compared with January 2013
There were 646 cultural centers operating in Palestine in 2012: 577 cultural centers in the West Bank and 69 in Gaza Strip
The estimated population of Palestine at the end of 2012 was 4.35 million of whom 2.21 million were males and 2.14 million females
During the fourth quarter of 2012, 152,159 guests stayed in hotels in the West Bank, spending 362,286 nights
The overall Quantity of Industrial Production Index (IPI) in Palestine  during January 2013 increase of 1.49% compared to the previous month ( December 2012).

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