e-Monthly Bulletin  ::: Issue No.101 ::: 05/02/2015

Press Releases

The overall Producer Price Index (PPI) in Palestine  in 2014 increase by 0.78% compared to 2013.

Construction Cost Index (CCI), Road Cost Index (RCI), Water Networks Cost Index (WNCI) and Sewage Networks Cost Index (SNCI) in the West Bank During December 2014 & 2014

Exports  slightly decreased in November, 2014 by 0.7% compared to October, 2014

The overall Wholesale Price Index (WPI) in Palestine in 2014 increase by 1.48% compared to 2013. 

The overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Palestine during 2014 increased by 1.73% compared with 2013
The overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Palestine during December 2014 increased by 0.65% compared with November 2014
The overall Quantity of Industrial Production Index (IPI) in Palestine during November 2014 increase of 4.55% compared to the previous month


MDGs Indicators in Palestine, 1994-2012

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