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Mr. Mustafa Khawaja

Key Qualifications

  • 16 years’ experience in survey and research management and developing indicators

  • 10 years’ experience managing governance and anti-corruption projects including budgeting, design questionnaires and delivering training and producing training manuals

  • Practical experience in project management.

  • Excellent inter-personal communication skills.

  • Exceptional ability to work under pressure.

Work experience (Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS))

  • Coordinator for the national statistical monitoring system (social, economic and environmental indicators) (2010-present)

  • Supervising Governance and Anti-corruption Surveys and Databases (2008 - present)

  • Director of Social Statistics Department (Gender, Child, Governance & Security and Justice) (08/2008 to 12/2010)

  • Director of Population and Demographic Department (07/2006-07/2008)

  • Director, Population, Housing and Establishments Census, 2007 (07/2007- 01/2008)

  • National Coordinator for Palestine of the Metagora Project on Measuring Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (09/2002-07/2008)

  • Director of Statistical Abstract Department (01/1999-06/2006)

  • Regional Director, First Palestinian Population, Housing and Establishments Census (07/1997-12/1998)

  • National Coordinator of Expenditure of Households Survey in the Palestinian Territory (10/1995 - 06/1997)

  • National Coordinator of Households Listing in the Palestinian Territory (05/1995-10/1995)

  • Field Supervisor of the Establishments Census in the Palestinian Territory (10/1994-04/1995)



  • Master of Arts in “Democracy and Human Rights” – Birzeit University, Palestine 09/2004  - 07/2007

  • Bachelor of. Science in Education and Psychology - Bethlehem University, Palestine 10/1984 - 06/1994

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TitleDirector General of Registers and Statistical Monitoring Directorate
Mustafa  Khawaja